Download Oswald

Oswald the angry dwarf clicker game is available on various app markets and can be downloaded via your phone, tablet or desktop in no-time. Just simply click on the desired app market, download the game and start playing. We assure that if we still didn't make you happy with the game then we will sure going to make it so if you give us your feedback.

Download Animals On Parade

Do you truly love animals - then this game is perfect for you. Buy and exchange animals and watch them how happy are they passing your screen. Since they get hungrey you need to make sure you have plenty of food so you can feed all of them. Animals are your pets and your pets are your friend. Enjoy this beautiful game.

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Download Sharpy - Axe Robot

In times of devastation and post nuclear time - some shiny bit of metal emerge from the dust. With his memories wiped out the first name that comes to his mind is Sharpy. As soon as he finds the name he takes the axe and start cutting down things. This game is now available for your device on different market places. Enjoy.

Download Painter's Life

Best painting game with unique painting style. Have you ever wanted to become a master painter? Well - we still don't know how to do it but in our game you can spread some imagination and try to become one. Simple game, unique painting style and all the things a master painter needs is now available on your device.

Download Daisy

Daisy - The Greedy Dwarf Pricess hard clicker game is available on google play market and can be downloaded via your phone, tablet or desktop in no-time. Just click on the desired app market, download the game and start playing. Any feedback is most welcome.

Oswald - The Angry Dwarf

Once upon a time there was a dwarf, named Oswald. And he wasn't angry at all. His friend Olaf forged him a axe, so powerful, so beautiful, that he was the proudest dwarf alive. And then something terrible happened. His axe was stolen! And Oswald became angriest dwarf on the planet. He swore to chop down everything what was taller than him - that is actually everything.

Watch the video

Awsome graphics

All custom illustrated graphics by one of the best illustrators practiceing Disney style drawings

Funny sounds

If you have a need to hear how Oswald talks you are most welcome to do so by downloading the app

18 different things for chopping

There are many things to be chopped down like Fort Knox Safe, Bamboo, Babylon tower, GSM station and many more - be the one to chop down them all

Numerous upgrades

You are able to upgrade almost anything, from axe sharpeness, luck, trading bonuses, damage, idle type clicking speed and many more


More than 180 achievements waits for you to be completed. Be the ONE and complete them all if you can - we dare you

Animals on Parade

Did you ever wanted to have your own zoo, your own pet collection. Well this game is all about the animals. You can buy millions of them and watch them parade on your beloved device. Make your own animal parade with over 30+ different animals

Epic graphics

All graphics designed from one of the best artists in the world

Clicker game style

Click the screen to earn even more money, so you can buy new animals. Multitap

Shussh the animals

You can shussh the animals with your fingers so they walk faster and faster

Numerous buildings and upgrades

Buy buildings for food production, special items and upgrade them so they bring you even more goods


More than 70+ achievements with amazing prize - diamonds. You need them in hard situations

Sharpy - Axe robot

Ultimate post-apocalyptic robot clicker game

Voice broken robot in your hands

Semi-broken robot that accidentaly found an axe - the rest is up to you

Humanity in danger

With this guy on the loose all humanity is in danger.

Trading robot

We don't know to who is this robot selling chopped down items, but it looks like he can always afford a new axe

Funny look

Can you imagine this kind of looking robot would conquere the world - well it actually did

No phazer gun - just simple axe?

Sometimes the old fassion aproach is the best one. Our robot has a mighty axe and not some laser stuff

Achieve the impossible

Can you conquere all 180+ achievements and become the best robot in the world

Painter's Life - Art game

Ultimate art game where you start as apprentice and become a master

Unique painting style

Painting as never seen before - just don't let your fingers burn you

More than 25+ levels in the game

Paint paintings, sell them and buy expirience with the money you earned the hard way

3 kind of expirience upgrades

Knowledge, training and imagination - if you got them all we are 100% sure you will be well known painter

Sell your paintings later

Here is a tip for you. Don't sell paintings right away. Sell them later cause you may get much higher price

Can you draw 1000 paintings?

If you draw 1000 paintings the next paiting will be worth a million dollars

Nostalgic paintings

Some pictures are so good that you would like to paint them again - well you can also do that in the game

Daisy - Greedy dwarf princess

Designed so you can have fun with clicker games

Watch the video

Yes even dwarf women exists

We discovered that dwarf women do exists and they are pretty strong

New tree item

New "tree like" item that any women would like to chop it down

See dwarf women for a first time

Dwarf women are even more rare than an Unicorns - you don't beleive - play the game

Super trooper bonuses

More than 8 bonuses awaits you in the middle of the game - jump on the train and ride with us

Google play leaderboard

Compete against other players in all time leaderbords in 4 categories

Intelligent tree changing

Change your tree if axe is not strong enought. You will earn more money by doing this


Moments in Apps

Here are some nice screenshots of our games


5 types of upgrades


More than 180+

Chopping the tree

The tallest tree in the world

Forge a new axe

Forgeing preview

Babylon tower

Can you cut it down?

Tree selection

Chop down any tree/object you like

Successful forgeing

New axe awaits

Achievement achieved


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