Zombie evolution

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Pure zombie game full of action

Zombie evolution

After breakout of virus all the humans became zombies - except of one that hide on a secret island. They thought zombies will die from hunger and they will freely move again on the face of the earth. Well ... they were wrong ... zombies evolve

Zombies quickly adapt and instead of humans they start to eat human precious resources. Now the lives of humans were in danger from hunger. Humans started to build small camps to take back the island. And here is where your journey begins. Last island of man.



Zombies eating resources

After zombie evolution they started to eat what humans have to eat. So the battle for food begins

Wave attack

Small portion of brain started to work on zombies. So they group and attack as a unit instead of individual attacks

14 camps

Conquere 14 camps to take back the island and make a new start for human race

6 buildings

You dont need anymore buildings. Most important are war towers that will protect you from incoming zombies

Power ups

As humans we posses the knowlede, superb knowledge to hit the zombies where it hurts the most

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