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Horde of zombies are attacking you outpost

Zombie Towers - Use towers and ammo

The last human outpost has set you up as commander of defense. Build towers and workers and start bringing ammo to the towers so they can shoot down zombies. Use different power-ups to destroy zombies quicker. Merge towers so your towers can shoot with more guns against the raging enemy.

Do not let zombies get inside of the city walls. If they get in town, the city will be doomed.

Only problem when fighting the inferior army is the supply of ammo you have


Incoming zombies from all places
Can you fight so many zombies
Discover new towers for protection
do we have enough of ammo
Upgrade towers and workers
Nuke or EMP the zombies - our last defense option


Game Zombie Towers is a tower defense and merge game where you are surrounded by million of zombies and your task is the defense of the last human city.

- 30+ types of towers
- 4 types of upgrades

- they carry ammp
- repair the walls
- 3 types of upgrades

- EMP - freeze the zombies
- Nuke - blast zombies
- Triple X - damage times three
- Headshots - all towers do headshots

It's time to start the mass zombie invasion

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