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After zombie apocalypse world is chaos

A zombie apocalypse is a hypothetical scenario in which a highly contagious virus or pathogen turns people into undead, flesh-eating creatures. In this scenario, the virus spreads quickly, and the majority of the population becomes infected, causing chaos, panic, and widespread destruction.

The origins of the zombie virus can vary depending on the story or mythos. In some versions, the virus is created by a laboratory experiment gone wrong, while in others, it is a product of natural evolution. Regardless of its origins, the virus is highly contagious, and it can turn people into zombies within hours or even minutes.

Once the virus has spread, survivors must band together to fight for survival against the hordes of zombies that roam the streets. The world becomes a dangerous and unpredictable place, as basic resources such as food, water, and shelter become scarce.


Unleash the power of towers in this tower defense game
Defend your towers from incoming waves of zombies
Use powerups like ice, nuke and others to make your defense of towers even better
Merge towers and make them big and strong
Use right powerup at the right time to destroy zombies
Use knowledge against zombies and defeat them all
Infinite waves of zombies coming for your brains
Top defense against zombies are upgraded towers


Zombie Nations is a popular tower defense game that has gained a significant following among players who love fast-paced action and intense strategic gameplay. The game is set in a world overrun by zombies, and players take on the role of defenders who must protect their city from hordes of flesh-eating monsters.

The gameplay is straightforward but highly engaging. Players must strategically place towers along the city's perimeter, each with unique abilities and strengths that can be upgraded with power-ups. These towers include everything from machine guns and flamethrowers to missile launchers and acid sprayers. As the game progresses, the zombies become more powerful, and players must adapt their strategies to keep up with the growing threat.

One of the most exciting aspects of Zombie Nations is the variety of special abilities that players can unlock and upgrade. These include everything from freeze rays that slow down the zombies to turrets that shoot out massive bolts of lightning. Players can also earn and use power-ups that provide temporary boosts to their towers, allowing them to inflict more damage, fire faster, or even poison the zombies.

- nuke
- ice cubes
- wall spears
- molotov coctails
- bomb towers
- and many others

Let's protect our city from chaos. Put towers on the map and defend our only hope. The last stand of human race.

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