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War Towers - Tower defense game on android and ios

After World War III - Earth is in flames

Sand and heat overcame the planet, and civilisation as we knew it disappeared. Some hordes are ruling the desert and taking the last thing from humanity. But there is light. Small towns on the outskirts of the desert have become more and more resourceful, and so have become the targets of those hordes. It's upon you to protect that city of light.

Town will provide you with an army of workers and soldiers for your cause. You will also be given the blueprints of the latest defense towers.

Some towers have special abilities to destroy those raging hordes.

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Build towers - stop the enemy
Strategically deploy troops for defense
Use different type of towers for protection
Each tower has special abilities for attack
Upgrade towers to make more damage
Solve daily tasks and earn bonuses for fight
Finish your quest and make towers even stronger
Best tower defense strategy game


Game War Towers (Defend the City) is a tower-defense (TD) based game about you being a commander of an army that will protect the city from enemies. Enemy hordes coming out of the desert storm are getting stronger and stronger.

Tower types:
- basic tower
- sniper tower
- bomber tower
- gunman towers

Enemy types:
- Meatballs - small enemy with high speed
- Punks - Weapon-equipped enemies can do a lot of damage to walls
- Jetman - Flying enemy - immune to bombers
- Pyro - Fat enemy equipped with fire thrower
- Mobile - Bomb throwing machine

Let's see if you can protect the city from demolition and hunt those enemies down.

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