Octo Curse

About Octo Curse

Octo Curse is a platformer action game with lot of fun and golden nuggets

Octo Curse – Pirates Quest for Revenge

While exploring the Seven Seas in search of legendary loot, tremendous treasure and bountiful booty, your merry band of pirates happened upon a mysterious octopus-shaped island. As these things go, the island was cursed - but little did you know that a similar fate would soon befall your plundering party as well! The evil god of the island platformer games turned your whole pirate crew into octopuses and captured them! Or was it octopi? There was no time to ponder proper plural permutations, because you, their courageous captain, were now a cephalopod stuck in escape adventure too!

Of course, any action platformer sea skipper worth his salt wouldn’t let a bit of transmutation get him bent out of shape in escape adventure! Avoiding capture, you set on a platformer games hopping escapade to save your buddies and make the malicious deity pay for his misdeeds! Run and jump and put your skills to the test in exciting octopus adventure!

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FEATURES of Octo Curse – Pirates Quest for Revenge

- Precise and intuitive octopus games controls
- Explore a mythical tower on an enigmatic tropical island
- 5 excitingly different action-filled island survival chapters
- Over 100 fun and thrilling action platformer levels to discover
- An engaging story of friendship and courage in octopus adventure
- Collect coins, break boxes, use your environment
- Run and Jump to Defeat tenacious enemies and avoid deadly traps
- Uncover secret sections and snatch extra loot in octopus games
- Customize your character with stylish and snazzy hats
- Unlock Bonus levels by gathering a hoard of coins
- Earn ratings based on your dazzling performance

Well, mateys, what are you waiting for? These molluscs aren’t going to save themselves! Run and jump to rescue the deserving!

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Privacy policy of game Octo Curse
Octo Curse was developed by epic team of Ajvar Studio and we are just proud to have game in our joint portfolio