Nut Heads - Dragon Slayer

About Nut Heads

Dragon slayer game - nut heads

Epic battle between monsters and dragons

First time in hostory the whole planet is invaded by dragons. Dr. Chaos plan is beggining to unroll and how desire to control the planet is beeing put on test.

Only hope lies in monster that help people in daily task. Now they are used as weapons against the evil dragons.

Time has come for you to take control over monsters and production of monsters. Each monster is one step closer to normality. Fight the dragons and clear the land od all evil creatures.

Take over factory production and upgrade monsters with hats which will bring you additinal damage and shield penetration options against the dragons.

Intro - How it all begins



Let monsters work for you. Produce them, equip them with the hats and start defeating those pesky dragons

What you need to know:
- 9 incredible monster types
- unlimited number of hats
- several hundred dragons to defeat
- dragons with shield
- shield penetrating monsters
- flying creatures
- pickbox prizes
- speed and damage boosters
- 30+ levels
- alchemy options

Let us all just have some fun and start slaying those dragons

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