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Life of Elon - mini games on android and ios

One game full of mini-games

Do you feel you need something extra in your life. Some trigger that will change your daily routine. What you need is Elon. His life is interesting, active, thrilling and in some cases out of this world.

His only job is to have fun and bring a part of this fun into your life. Take a moment and help Elon in his daily quests.

Games you never dreamed about:
- block the volcano with the rock
- open broken parachute while falling to the edge
- catch a specimen for UFO
- smash a spider
- live dangerous and run in front of the rolling stone
- drink coffee
- perform circus show
- change gears while driving car at high speed

True life in circus begins with you. Sit down and finish the games that Elon has provided for you.



Game Life of Elon will transform your life into interesting daily tasks from one of the most interesting person in history of humanity. Elon is that guy that will teach you what you need to grow most interesting guy in the world.

Elon games:
- driving games
- operating an UFO
- how to control the elevator
- break the wood with a karate chop - gear shifting in car
- cowboy shooting
- stopping the alarm clock
- play ping pong
- update computer
- and many many more games you can't even imagine

Break a leg and let's go playing all of those interesting games

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