Can You Find a Cat?

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Hidden cats game - HOG

Cats hidden all over the world

In the forgotten places some cats still live a peacful life. It's up to you to collect them and take them into your house. Best hidden object game in the world. Use special hints to find the remaining cats. And stay eye sharp to find them all

Can you find a cat is a typical HOG (hidden object game) where main task is to find as many cats as possible. There are 20 levels and 4 houses for you to conquere. Each revealed hidden cat can bring you special items which unlocks another cat house. So find all the cats and items to proceed to the last candy house. Stay eye sharp.

Intro - Hidden Cats



Awsome places

Custom illustrated bizzare places like space, moon, egypt, ice land, ...

Four Houses

Each house reveals another level where hidden cats are hidden.


There is a chance that under a cat you will find a special item which can then be used to unlock another house

Bonus stamps

If you are good and you finish the game in timely manner you can get stamps that will help you unhint the next cat


Unique hint system. So if you stuck on a level and you can't find any more cats. There are hints to help you out

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