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Horde of dwarfs are attacking you outpost and you need to destroy them all

Battle of Dwarfs - Use your army well

You are left with bunch of fighters. Your king want that you return the old glory and fame to the dwarf empire that used to exist.

Build troops, arm them with various weapons and protect and attack enemy of yours. Be merciful and smart. Enemy is looking for your mistakes all the time.

Use strategy to develop the army and strategy and tactics on the fighting field as a good general would.


Build different unit types
Higher level higher power of dwarfs axe
Discover new cities and villages for attack
Fight against barbarian hordes
Glorious victory of your king
Merge dwarfs in your city and arm them with weapons
Upgrade units to higher level
Deploy your troops wisely
Use archers, knights, elephants and spearmens


Game Battle of Axes is a strategy merge defense and attack game which can be played for hours. Your only goal is to expand your kingdom with the power of the axe, but still be causous enought not to lose you town to barbarian hordes.

- Axeman, Halberdier
- Marksman, Javelineer
- Boar riders, Elephant riders

- Forrest, Iceland
- Desert, Swamp
- Mountains, Vulcano land

- Player vs Player
- Diplomacy
- Wall upgrades

It's time to take the throne of dwarfs with a powerful axe

Special thanks

Horde of dwarfs are attacking you outpost and you need to destroy them all

This was the first game where Tim Matičič was involved. Music and every little sound in the game was custom made and precisely trigger - all by this fantastic music and sound effect artist. Thank you Tim and we can't wait to see the next project you will bring to life with your music and sound skills.

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