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Oswald and quest for the stolen axe

Once upon a time there was a dwarf, named Oswald. And he wasn't angry at all. His friend Olaf forged him a axe, so powerful, so beautiful, that he was the proudest dwarf alive. And then something terrible happened. His axe was stolen! And Oswald became angriest dwarf on the planet. He swore to chop down everything what was taller than him - that is actually everything.

Oswald the angry dwarf clicker game is available on various app markets and can be downloaded via your phone, tablet or desktop in no-time. Just simply click on the desired app market, download the game and start playing. We assure that if we still didn't make you happy with the game then we will sure going to make it so if you give us your feedback.

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Awsome graphics

All custom illustrated graphics by one of the best illustrators practiceing Disney style drawings

Funny sounds

If you have a need to hear how Oswald talks you are most welcome to do so by downloading the app

36 different things for chopping

There are many things to be chopped down like Fort Knox Safe, Bamboo, Babylon tower, GSM station and many more - be the one to chop down them all

Numerous upgrades

You are able to upgrade almost anything, from axe sharpeness, luck, trading bonuses, damage, idle type clicking speed and many more


More than 180 achievements waits for you to be completed. Be the ONE and complete them all if you can - we dare you

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